Some general mapping resources that may be helpful, including a file to view the ACP route in google earth, and files to help your monitoring efforts that can be printed or loaded on your smartphone for use in the field.

Google Earth

Viewing the route in Google Earth should be helpful in finding your way to the pipeline route and to check things out before going into the field.

KMZ file for viewing route in google earth.

Story Map

The Sierra Club placed a number of detailed layers into a an online mapping system. This map has the allowable construction perimeter, where all the stream crossings are located, and other specifics.

That map can be found here.

Smartphone tools

These maps can be used in Avenza to show you the pipeline route, and to collect locations of your observations so we can find exactly where incidents have occurred.

Northern portion (from Virginia border to near Selma)

Southern portion (from near Selma to near Lumberton)


Get Maps

  1. Download Avenza on your smartphone (Android or Apple)
  2. Download the northern or southern portion maps above
  3. Open Avenza on your smartphone
  4. Touch the orange "+" button in the bottom right, choose "Download or import a map", choose "From Device Storage", choose one of the maps you just downloaded, the map should now appear on a list of your maps after some processing
  5. Open either ACP-50-65 north or ACP-50-65 south from the list of maps

Record Location

  1. Touch the circle with crosshairs on the outside in the upper left of the screen to center the map on your location
  2. Touch the pin icon in the upper left of the screen to place a marker for your observations, name the placemark with your initials and date (eg FE 07-04-2018) and enter a brief description

Get Coordinates

  1. Touch the pin on your map, it should bring up the name of the location with a > next to it, tap this.
  2. The latitude and longitude coordinates will be listed in decimal degrees under the heading Location. These are the coordinates you can use when you submit your observations!