A number of resources about observing construction activities, and background on ACP and pipeline issues.

Monitoring Guide

Sediment and Erosion control gallery

A collection of photos of construction sediment and erosion control measures (Best Management Practices or BMPs) in action. See examples of properly installed and failing BMPs to help inform your observations and help you better describe what is being done wrong on site.

View the gallery here.

Background on ACP and impacts

If you are interested in some basic information about ACP, our friends at The Sierra Club, Public Citizen, Oil Change International, and Clean Water for North Carolina have all prepared some fact sheets to get you oriented.

NC ACP Fact Sheet.pdf

Sierra Club ACP Fact Sheet


Sierra Club Fracked Gas Fact Sheet

Gas Pipeline Ratepayer Report Fact Sheet.pdf

Sierra Club, Public Citizen, Oil Change International Ratepayer Fact Sheet

Gas Pipeline Explosions Since 2010.pdf

Clean Water for North Carolina Gas Pipeline Explosion Factsheet